Drain Cleaning & Drain Repair

If you’re in need of drain cleaning or repair services, Gazda Plumbing is here to help. We offer a variety of drain-related services to to solve your problems: drain camera inspection, drain cleaning, drain snake, drain repair, drain replacement services. No matter what your drain issue may be, we are ready 7 days a week to solve your problem – especially on 24 hour emergency notice.

Drains tend to get neglected until they cause big problems. Neglecting your drains can lead to some serious plumbing nightmares, including sewage backups, flooding, and bad smells.

Keep your drains in good condition with regular professional drain cleaning and maintenance. This will help prevent clogs, rust, and other damage that can lead to bigger problems down the road.

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Drain Cleaning Services

For stubborn clogs, drain flushing or steaming can be used. Drain flushing, or water jetting uses high pressure water to blast through clogs and other debris that may be blocking your drains.

Steaming cleaning can get the job done also. It is similar to drain flushing but uses high pressure hot water and steam to break down clogs in your drain. This is a great solution for breaking up tough grease clogs that can be common problem for your kitchen sink drain.

Drain Camera Inspection

A drain camera inspection is done with a tiny waterproof video camera connected to the end of a flexible cord. In order to do a visual examination, the camera snake is inserted into clogged or damaged drain while our technician views the video to find the blockage or damage.

The drain camera is a very useful tool in helping to diagnose drain problems. It is a time-saver for you and your plumber which helps to keep costs down. The camera is also especially useful for making sure that solutions and repairs don’t go overboard. Whenever possible, our plumbers want to provide you great value by offering cleaning and repair when more costly drain replacement simply isn’t necessary.

Drain Snake Services

A drain snake (also known as a plumbing snake) is a tool for unclogging pipes. There are many sorts of drain snakes available for both residential and commercial use, as well as different attachments that may be added to the cable. Our experts get extensive training on how to utilize the correct extensions and cables for each application and every scenario.

We use large motor powered snakes that are designated for professional use. They are designed to solve almost any blockage issue. These devices can be dangerous and should only be operated by licensed plumbers.

Drain Repair Services

Unfortunately, sometimes a problem related to the drains in your home is severe enough that cleaning won’t help and either drain repair or drain replacement is required.

We have extensive experience with drain repair in the common problem areas of the home:

  • Main drain repair
  • Drain pipe repair
  • Sink drain repair
  • Bathtub drain repair
  • Kitchen sink repair
  • Toilet drain repair
  • Shower drain repair

Drain Replacement

Old clay pipes are found throughout neighbourhoods in Toronto and the GTA. The older clay pipes get, the more they crack and leak. This will eventually lead to major problems in the home and possibly thousands of dollars in property damage.

Drain replacement usually calls for removing old clay pipes and replacing them with modern PVC pipes that are much more cost-effective and durable. You can opt to have just a few problem drains and pipes replaced, however some homeowners opt to replace larger drain networks in their house – depending on the scale of the old-pipe problems.

Cast-iron pipes and copper pipes are also found throughout many homes in the GTA. The team at Gazda Plumbing is on-call to help you diagnose problems related to these types of pipes also.

Other Drain Services

  • Basement washroom (relocate drain)
  • Underground sanitary upgrade/replacement
  • Branching / relocating storm drain pipe
  • Upsizing/downsizing to municipal plumbing standards