Rough In Plumbing & Bathroom Renovations

rough in plumbing

If you and your family have made the decision to not just purchase property, but to build a new home, then you know it is the project of a lifetime.  That’s why it is critical that you hire the right team for the most important jobs – like designing and installing the plumbing layout.

At Gazda Plumbing we have many years experience installing “rough in” plumbing for homeowners and property developers.  For both above ground and underground rough in, our licensed plumbers have delivered on projects that ensure a home’s plumbing and drainage is state-of-the-art and built to municipal codes.

Our experience working for property owners has also led to opportunities to design and renovate new, modern bathrooms.  Our focus is bringing our clients the best possible custom bathroom renovations while sticking to their budget.

For rough in plumbing and bathroom renovations we are available for projects in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and throughout Southern Ontario’s cottage country.

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What is “rough in" plumbing?

In home building and renovation, the term “rough in” refers to the task of laying down networks of either electrical or plumbing lines throughout the frame of the home.  It is the “rough version” as the home is being built.

Rough in plumbing is the necessary job of connecting all the pipes and drains both inside and outside the house.  Openings for these pipes have been bored into the outside walls and through the studs (framing elements) that hold up the house. 

A finished rough in project means that all pipes inside and outside of the house have been installed but no faucets, sinks or other fixtures have been connected yet.

In Toronto and other municipalities in Ontario, it is a legal requirement that any rough in plumbing on your property is installed by a licensed plumber.


Above Ground Plumbing Rough In

The above ground phase of the rough in covers all installation of pipes and drains for the bathtub, shower, kitchen and laundry room.  The final product for each endpoint is a perfectly located and cut pipe that is ready to have a fixture attached to it – for example a kitchen sink or washing machine.


Underground Plumbing Rough In

This phase of the rough in covers all the plumbing and drainage that is underneath the main floor of the house and built into the surrounding land – the underground component.

This includes important jobs like underground drainage and catch basins.  We will install a network of drains and pipes to divert excess water away from the property – usually towards a sewer line or pop up drain further downhill.

Underground rough in plumbing also includes connecting your home to the main water supply.  Water service installation is a critical task for any new build.

Another important aspect of underground rough in plumbing is connecting your home to the local sewer system for both water drainage and septic purposes.

At Gazda we are ready to consult with homeowners and developers on all aspects of rough in plumbing.  We have worked on many projects throughout the GTA and cottage country and can deliver all your above ground and underground rough in plumbing to the highest possible standard.

Bathroom Renovations

With many years experience helping homeowners with their plumbing needs, we have had great opportunities to work with some of the region’s finest home builders.  In 2018, we launched our own bathroom renovations business to bring modern design and fixtures to homeowners throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton and cottage country.

Our commitment is to consult with you at every step of the design, purchasing and building process.  We work with homeowners to find out what their budget is and then source the highest quality products to come in under that number.

At Gazda, we are ready to consult on the following bathroom renovation jobs:

  • Heated floors & towel racks
  • Disabled accessible bathrooms & showers
  • Tile installation / tiling
  • Vanity / countertop installation
  • New bathtubs / upgrade bathtub area tiling
  • New showers
  • New toilets
  • New sink & faucets
  • Glass shower doors
  • Bathroom lighting

Custom Shower Design and Installation

One of the most rewarding upgrades that you can make for your bathroom is a new custom shower.  We have designed and built custom showers for homeowners throughout Southern Ontario.

All of our custom showers are designed with you, the homeowner, involved at every step of the process.  Our showers are 100% custom-made – from the tiles to the faucets.  Your bespoke shower will match your vision for your new bathroom.

Steam Shower Installation

For homeowners that are looking to take their bathroom and shower renovation to the next level – installing a steam shower is a growing trend.  Steam showers recreate the luxury spa experience at home, and just like the steam room at a spa, they can have positive benefits for your skin and sinus.


Most steam showers that we install are a combination of steam room and shower.  The setup includes a steam generator and nozzle to fill your shower with steam, and a traditional shower head for rinsing and getting clean.

At Gazda, we have the skills and experience to design and install a steam shower to your specifications.  Our licensed plumbers will install a steam generator in the best location, and skilled tradesmen will install tiling and a glass door to keep the steam in.

We also have connections to the best supplier networks in the region, and can help you source and purchase the best components for constructing your steam shower.